The Warm Springs 

Care Farm

A therapeutic sanctuary for people & animals. 

Warm Springs Care Farm is a not for profit 501(c)3 located on the east end of Boise, Idaho. We partner with different therapeutic practitioners and agencies to offer farm-based therapies for children, adolescents and young adults.

Our Mission is to improve the mental health and well-being of families with restorative care farm experiences and therapies. 

Our Vision is to be a therapeutic sanctuary where people and animals connect, learn and grow.

The Warm Springs Care Farm is not a petting zoo, but a working therapeutic care farm that offers a variety of programs for ages 5 and up.   Animal care, art workshops, gardening, music classes and therapy, nature time, therapist trainings, and yoga/movement/breath are all offered at the farm. We partner with Warm Springs Counseling Center to offer one-on-one farm based therapy sessions as well.

"For me, looking forward to going to the farm is what gets me through the day. Every time I come, I enjoy working with my hands, because it lets me process and slow down, and makes me feel so peaceful after. The community is so great and from the moment you get there, everyone is so welcoming. I am so thankful to be a part of it because it is just so wholesome. There is simply no room for bad vibes!

- Elena, Teen Volunteer

Announcement: Sat,Aug 3 from 3-5pm the care farm will be hosting a local teacher, BARBARA BALKIN OF BOISE BACK GATE STUDIO OF BOISE for an Art on the Farm Class (weaving). If you and your child over age 10 are interested, please CLICK THE LINK BELOW OR email Linda at to reserve your spots! 


Interested in individual farm-based or animal-assisted therapy with a licensed therapist, one on one? We collaborate with the Warm Springs Counseling Center. Please contact for more information.

Warm Springs Care Farm Summer Programs:

Art on the Farm Summer Camps and Future Veterinarian Camp were both a success! The WSCF will not be offering any additional summer camps at this time, but will reopen for barn club in late August.

ART ON THE FARM - one day event

BRANCH WEAVING Workshop, for Adults & Kids10+...@ Warm Springs Care Farm Tickets, Sat, Aug 3, 2024 at 2:30 PM | Eventbrite 


Under the direction of music therapist Ian Wilkerson, kids gather, chat, play drums, breathe, sing and connect with one another. Teen Beat meets Wednesdays 5-6pm in the heated greenhouse.  Melodies of healing and expression resonating throughout your journey! Contact Ian Wilkerson at or (208) 960-0368 to register or get more information. Music groups develop social skills, confidence, self-awareness, and self-control, among other benefits.


Adults connect in groups of 12 or less under the direction of a mental health professional to learn about and discuss important topics that affect us a people, parents and as a community. Past workshops included Narcissism/Controlling People, Radical Self-Care, How to Feel Better, and School Refusal.  If you have an idea for a new topic, please contact Linda Haley at Spring 2024: Obssessive Compulsive Disorder, Helping Your Child Navigate Loss, and other topics to be announced.


Hardworking and responsible teen and adult volunteers are welcome to help work the farm in a variety of capacities.  Volunteers clean up after animals, feed them and care for them, tend to the garden, organize the grain room and greenhouse, support farm events, etcetera. Special need for gardening volunteers for the spring. The next Volunteer Tour/Training will be in JULY.

Contact Linda Haley at or (208) 515-4234 for more information.


Every kid should feel like they BELONG to something. Get ready for the powerfully unique BARN CLUB!  

Kids work together, work hard, have fun tending to farm needs, take care of animals, work the garden, and connect with nature, animals, and one another.  Teen mentors 13 and up are welcome to volunteer as leaders! Barn Club teaches hard work ethic, GRIT, resilience, problem-solving, teamwork and social communication skills. Barn Club meets Monday, Wednesday or Thursday after school. Unfortunately, all three barn clubs are currently FULL. To join a waitlist, email Linda at:


Students and teachers can visit the care farm and experience a variety of healing, restorative activities that will connect them with nature, animals and one another.  Students rotate through various stations such as equine interactions, garden/horticulture, music engagement, movement & breath, and/or art. Groups generally do three 30 minute rotations.   Contact Linda Haley for more information at or (208) 515-4234.  


Get your junior high student that confidence and self-esteem they need to survive the bullies in junior high. Most of these kids are North Junior High kids, but the class is open to ALL junior high kids. It is a great work out and will build kids' practical ability to defend themselves.  Teacher Thoren Rogers is fantastic! This group meets at the Roosevelt School Gym on Mondays at 5pm during winter/spring and moves the the Care Farm when the weather gets better. for more info or call 208 515 4234 to speak to Linda.


In collaboration with the Warm Springs Training Institute and the Children's Home Society of Idaho, we offer training for therapists and teachers at the farm. The next training will be June 29-30, when we host www.horseboytmethod ATHEA 1 and Movement Method training. Contact or for more information.


Farm Based Therapy Principles learn how to incorporate plants, animals, and especially horses, into the healing process. Potential new date: Fri, June 28! 

The Children's Home Society Partners with WSCF to offer trainings to therapists in the Treasure Valley.

"I left the training feeling excited and with a full heart. I truly appreciate (and resonate) with your “out of the box” approach to helping heal families and our community."

-Kara Kang, Riverstone Counseling

A variety of wonderful volunteers make all the farm programs possible. Contact Linda Haley at if you would like to volunteer in any capacity.


Contact Linda Haley at  or by phone at 208 515-4234 to get more information.

Contact Amy Hublou at for one-on-one therapy   through our partner, the Warm Springs Counseling Center


100% of your donation is tax deductible. Contact Linda Haley at for specifics on how you can support our project. 

AMAZON WISH LIST- we would love donations in the form of animal and art supplies so we can keep programs free/accessible to


Terravita Landscape and Garden

Idaho Whitewater Unlimited

B&K Painting

D&B Supply

The Discovery Center and the Idaho Botanic Garden

The Lotus Tree Sensory Integration Center

The Studio Salon

Steph Teeter Art

Center for Healing and Expression

Janelle Carberry Yoga

Bogus Basin

Imagine That Farm!, Giddy Up Farm, Warm Springs Care Farm

Chrissy Ray Photography

Perspire Sauna Studio

Stillwater Float Center

Rocket Express Car Wash

To love is to serve.