What services are offered at Warm Springs Care Farm?

Currently, individual and small group animal-assisted psychotherapy is offered by Imagine That Ventures MFT, Amy Hublou. We have just added youth yoga/mindfulness and music therapy classes so youth can experience the power of regulating biorhythms for anxiety, using mindfulness breathing and focus, rhythm, and restorative yoga. We run a Barn Club, Art Workshops, Art on the Farm Summer Camps, Field Trips for grades 2-12.

How much do therapy sessions cost?

Contact Amy Hublou at 208 867-1261 or https://imaginethatfarm.org/general-2 for more information about pricing.  The Warm Springs Care Farm has a scholarship fund so that everyone who wants to participate can access services. Contact Linda Haley for an application for tuition assistance. warmsprings.carefarm@gmail.com

How do I make an appointment with a therapist?

For Animal-Assisted Psychotherapy, contact Amy Hublou at 208 867-1261/amy@hublou.com/ https://imaginethatfarm.org/general-2

For yoga/mindfulness, contact Janelle Carberry at jenelleb@yahoo.com

For music therapy, contact Ian Wilkerson at office.wilkerson@gmail.com

Can I volunteer at the Care Farm?

The Farm needs volunteers to help build and maintain a safe environment for all. Please contact us at warmsprings.carefarm@gmail.com  or (208) 515-4234 to learn more about volunteer work days, farm day chore volunteering and special event volunteering.  We love to work with community groups who are looking for team service projects.

How do I submit a participation waiver form?

You can find our Child participant waiver form at the following link: 

Child Participant Waiver 

You can find our Standard participant waiver form at the link below: 

Standard Participant Waiver

Can I donate to the Warm Springs Care Farm?

Donate by venmo, zelle, paypal or contact warmsprings.carefarm@gmail.com to learn about our current wish list.  We raise scholarship funds to enable free or low cost therapy sessions to families with financial hardship or challenging situations.  https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/3R8UG5VZYJUJV?ref_=wl_share

Where is the Warm Springs Care Farm located?

The Warm Springs Care Farm is located at a private residence on Warm Springs Avenue blocks from The Warm Springs Counseling Center.

Once participants register for an event or workshop, the address is shared with participants, but the farm does not welcome drop by visits

 because it is a private residence as well as a care farm. For more information, contact Linda Haley at warmsprings.carefarm@gmail.com