Meet the Human team behind this project:

Linda Haley



FormerMaster Gardener

Deborah McFadyen

Parent Advocate/Board of Directors/Co-Founder

Jenelle Carberry, 

Yoga Instructor 

Wellness Coach

Joni Cornell

Equine Facilitator

Carbon's Hoofprints

Amy Hublou, 

Imagine That Farm!

LMFT/Lead Therapist

WSCF Advisory Board


Board of Directors:

Linda Haley

Martha Daltoso, Educator

Deborah McFadyen, Parent Advocate

Ian Wilkerson

Music Therapist

Center for Healing Expression


Angela Milligan

Annie Black

Christina Sanchez

Susan Woltman

Amy Ventilatta

Alexandra Jurasin

MEET THE VOLUNTEERS: WE LOVE YOU!! You come in all ages and stages, and help at varying levels, but you are all a blessing to the farm!

Meet the Animal Team

Pygmy goats, chickens, ducks, a puppy, and horses all work to provide therapy.

Agbi Aslan and his best friend, Disco, work hard to love on all the visitors who visit Warm Springs Care Farm. Disco is a 17 year old Arabian/Quarter mare, and Agbi Aslan, aka "AH-bee" which means "big brother" in Turkish, is a 1 year old Kangal.  They love to sleep, play an eat together, but what they love more than anything, are the young visitors who lavish them with attention.


The Goats, aka "the babies" include mama goat, or pygmy Caramel, the siblings Carter and Amalie, and Nigerian Bonnie. Charlotte the Boer goat is the newest kid. They love eating, getting pets and scratches, and visiting with children.


Muffin was adopted from the Idaho Humane Society. He is calm, gentle and good at making friends with everyone. He loves it when when food rains down into his mouth, and he will jump and down to get it down his throat.

Chickens patrol for unwanted insects, and weeds. The chicken team is made up of various birds who do their best to make children smile.

Chowder, Latte and Biscuit are duck therapists. Latte and Chowder, buff orpington ducks, were adopted from the Humane Society of Idaho.

THE GARDENS feed us, heal us, and restore our connection to nature.

Chamomile feeds the pollinators and has healing properties that promote peace and calm.

Advice from a sunflower:

"Be bright, sunny and positive. Spread seeds of happiness. Rise, shine and hold your head high!"

African purple basil is amongst the many healing herbs in the Care Farm Garden.

Swallowtail butterflies visit our the many pollinator-friendly gardens.

Join the team

We are always looking for volunteers or therapeutic practitioners who support our mission and vision.